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by Jimboot on February 1, 2012

With all the recent attacks on the Internet by the corporate copyright holders I thought I would setup Netflix on my Apple TV. Although Netflix has been available in the US for years, no such service is in Australia. Netflix is, amongst other things, a video streaming service. A bit like having your local video shop online so you can stream their entire library. The big difference with Netflix is that you have unlimited access to the library for $7.95USD per month. I’m not one to sit in front of a computer though and watch a movie (I mainly watch docos anyway), which is one of the main reasons I bought my Apple TV. This $130 device allows me to connect Internet video or anything I film on my iPhone directly to my Plasma TV. You can “rent” videos via itunes on the AppleTV in Australia at a cost of $7AUD each. Yeah right. There are a few hoops to jump through to achieve Netflix in Australia and I must than @millionsofmyles for his helpful tips. Here are the steps. This is for an Apple OSX Lion setup on IInet using the Boblite router.

  1. Setup a VPN service
  2. Setup a Netflix account
  3. Setup a US iTunes account
  4. Connect Your AppleTV to iTunes & VPN

Sounds straight forward enough but it took me a day and a half to get it working properly.

VPN Service

I used It costs about $70  a year and you must add the PPTP service not just the openWeb protocol. This allows the AppleTV to use it as well. A VPN (virtual private network) hides your ISP given IP address and assign you one from your VPN provider. In this case I needed a US based IP address so Netflix would think I was based in the USA. You can then also download their VPN app that will allow you to surf the web as though you were based in the US but what I wanted it for in this situation was to setup the VPN as a network adapter in OSX Lion. Here is Astrill’s step by step how to set this VPN up in OSX Lion. Once you have that setup you need to configure Internet sharing on your desktop. My setup is that my AppleTV connects over WiFi as did my desktop. For this to work I had to connect my desktop via ethernet directly to my Boblite Modem so that my AppleTV could use my Wifi to connect through to my VPN.

Setup Netflix

Using your VPN web app surf to Make sure you have selected a US server. I used an Australian credit card without any problems. The address I used was a US one I selected at random.

Setup US iTunes account

Here is an excellent ‘How To’ on how to setup a US iTunes account. This also has the added benefit of buying items from the iTunes store at US prices. Music tracks are 99 cents US as opposed to $1.69 AUD.

Connect Your AppleTV to iTunes & VPN

This can be a little buggy as the AppleTV seems to cache certain data. First connect to your WiFi VPN you setup on your computer in step 1. Then under general settings connect your US iTunes account. Now under your “Internet” menu you should see Netflix. Choose that and login with your Netflix account credentials.

That’s it! I had issues trying to then connect back to my Home Sharing account on my desktop but I simply had to go into iTunes on the desktop go to the advanced menu and where it says “Turn on Home Sharing” I noticed it was connected to my AU account. I simply disconnected, made sure I was logged into my US itunes account then turned on Home Sharing again via the advanced menu where I was prompted for my account details. I logged in with my US details and Voila! My “Home Sharing” appeared again on my AppleTV. Latest news is that Netflix is coming to Australia again. Apparently Telstra is the potential partner which means you’ll probably need to be a bigpond subscriber and have a Tbox- yeech.

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quietboy72 February 5, 2012 at 4:03 pm

good article. interested why you didn’t go the route of unblock us? how are for recharging your US iTunes account? I find walmart good for the digital delivery. Have been doing this with the aid of the mactalk site for 13 months now and have ditched foxtel. Enjoy!

James May 12, 2012 at 5:13 am

Great guide – I followed a similar one here I wonder if Netflix will ever make it to Australia but until then methods like these are needed.

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