Alternate Energy Sources

by Jimboot on June 30, 2011

I haven’t updated here for a while because I have been flat out with work but I thought I’d give you an overview of some of the alternate energy developments that have caught my eye recently. There’s some pretty exciting stuff going on.


Over the last 18 months I have been building pulse motors  and messing about with other devices that seem to have the potential of new clean energy sources. Think of a world where you didn’t need to burn fossil fuels or split the atom to boil water. Cool huh? A bloke has to have a hobby right? I have a wonderful wife so I have been able to setup a work bench in the lounge.  I have been replicating others’ devices for the most part and I have seen things work that I did not know were possible.  I am a fan/follower/amateur in this area and I make no extraordinary claims except what I have built and measured for myself.

In the last couple of weeks Professor Steven Jones has demonstrated an overunity circuit. Over unity simply means more power out than in. Theoretically an OU device would produce more energy than what you give it. In the case of Steven Jones you get 8 times more out than what you put in. This is a VERY big deal. Think of using a 12v car battery to power your home, that is the promise of over unity. There are a lot of people around the world now building their own versions of this device. I built one a couple of days after the announcement. I was very happy with the results. The measurements I took were no where near as good as Steven Jones but they confirmed for me that he really has something.

Most people familiar with the laws of thermodynamics, will tell you you’re a nut when you start talking about overunity. In the case of the device above though, the Professor eludes that the energy is coming from the aether rather than being created out of nothing.

Cold Fusion

In Italy we have recently seen a cold fusion device demonstrated and go into commercial production. Cold fusion is the name given to low energy nuclear reactions previously thought impossible. This is not fission, which is what nuclear reactors are and produce lots of nasty radioactive waste. Cold fusion in theory is cheap, clean and portable. It looks pretty promising.

Wireless energy

At the moment I’m having some fun lighting about 24 white LEDs wirelessly, lighting a 1200mm old fluorescent tube wirelessly, creating plasma and all off 7VDC 200ma. That’s pretty good but there are a lot of people doing far more than I am.

wireless LED

This is a 240V house LED lamp simply sitting next to a transmission coil. No wires

Creating some amazing plasma effects in a xenon tube wirelessly off the same coil.

This is a small torch globe held next to the coil

The 1200mm fluoro tube in the video below is lit wirelessly

This is me demonstrating the Fester effect :)

We live in exciting times.

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